Guys, have you ever been hungover and spent three hours watching videos of Gigi Gorgeous drone on about the banalities of her life and think, “I COULD DO THAT! Like, why aren’t I getting free diet tea in the mail and getting a suite at The Palms comped for me so that I can take my youtube friends to see Britney in Vegas?  I should be on the boat that Lonely Island used to film “I’m On A Boat (feat. T-Pain)” with all my terrible West Hollywood gay friends and then visit the Versace Mansion for dinner wearing a questionably slutty outfit!!!!!”  “Everyone is getting famous and I SHOULD BE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  But then you realize that the reason you’re not famous is because you suffer mild anxiety and don’t want to have to post on instagram all day long and open yourself up to criticisms that you really don’t want to hear because you’re extremely sensitive and maybe already had a mild-breakdown in your late 20’s where you had to move back in with your parents and check yourself into an out-patient rehab???  But then you realize that YOUR LIFE IS GREAT NOW, and you LIVE IN BROOKLYN which is super cool, and you DO FUN THINGS maybe like twice a month like a NORMAL PERSON and that maybe you should have a low-pressure type LIFESTYLE BLOG that you update sporadically in the hopes that maybe someday people will start to read it and envy your lifestyle enough SO THAT THEY START SENDING YOU FREE DIET TEA???????

Well that happened to me.  I am Craig, and I had that realization, so here is MY LIFESTYLE BLOG FOR THAT EXPRESS PURPOSE.  No pressure.  Also my friend Kim is also a part of my blog but she kind of likes to just hang out in the background and let me do the talking.